Early Learning Park Sites

Elgin Partnership for Early Learning works to intensify the impact of local efforts that prepare children for Kindergarten by integrating community partners.

Thanks to Fit For Kids funding EPEL, Alignment Collaborative for Education, and City of Elgin combined efforts to design and install “Move, Play, and Talk” signs at Festival Park in Elgin. Signs throughout the play area offer early learning opportunities that complement the readiness skills needs for Kindergarten.

Festival Park
132 South Grove
Elgin, IL

Come visit the park to Learn through PLAY!

Community Partners, City of Elgin Assistant City Manager, Karina Nava, Elgin Partnership for Early Learning Executive Director, Amber Peters, Mayor David KaptainAlignment Collaborative for Education Executive Director, Nancy Coleman, and School District U-46 Give Me Five Community Liaison, Tiffany Trewartha, at the ribbon-cutting in October 2020.

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