In-Home Care Providers (Birth-5)

Some families look for options for child care other than a traditional daycare center setting or an in-home nanny. Licensed Family Care Providers provide child care in their homes. Families choose in-home care for the home-like setting, mixed age group, cost, and an excellent learning environment.

SPA Denotes a provider speaks Spanish.

Denotes a providers accepts child care assistance payments.

Bridgette Buckner
Address: 1420 Snow Drift Circle

Debra Gebis
Phone: 847-630-3913
Address: 681 Catlpa Lane

Edith Martinez
Phone: 630-213-9617
Address: 300 Jackson St.


Linda Balfe
Phone: 630-855-6672
Address: 876 Marina Ter E.

Tawney Pauling
Phone: 630-346-5283
Address: 1185 Buttercup Lane

Barbara Herdrich
Phone: 630-231-5765
Address:1054 Evergreen Drive

Bonnie Madonia
Phone: 630-837-5754
Address: 1315 Big Horn Trail

Flor Carmona
Phone: 630-995-2554
Address: 558 Thunderbird Trail 


Laura Dellapolla
Phone: 630-665-0913
Address: 23 W 364 North Avenue

Lisa Crawford
Phone: 630-681-8394
Address: 457 Aztec Drive

Margaret Frank
Phone: 640-926-9331
Address: 462 Aztec Drive


Nathaly Espinoza
Phone: 708-244-2123
Address: 584 Appaloosa Court


Patricia Brown
Phone: 630-483-0564
Address: 1290 Big Horn Trail

Sandy’s Learning House 
Phone: 630-540-1455
Address: 1106 Regency Lane

Wanda Nicewonder
Phone: 630-293-5128
Address: 1419 Violet Street

Bizzy Bee’s Childcare 
(Family Care Provider)
Phone: 847-409-8064
Address: Carpentersville, IL


Candy Care
Phone: 847-476-7873
Address: 2041 Valley Creek Drive, Elgin, IL 60123

Christine Gomez
Phone: 224-760-5078
Address: 259 Ann St. Elgin 60120


Christine Monaghen
Phone: 847-468-8219
Address: 11N415 Hunter Trail Elgin 60124

Kelly Coombs
Phone: 847-772-2451
Address: 544 Shenandoah Trail Elgin 60123

Lissette Boglio
Phone: 847-931-4050
Address: 442 Illinois Avenue Elgin 60120


Maliha Siddiqui
Phone: 224-535-8786
Address: 394 Fountain Avenue Elgin 60124

Nancy Nevarez
Phone: 847-695-3406
Address: 101 N. Aldine St. Elgin 60123


Nora L. Sutherland
Phone: 847-544-9667
Address: 1105 Spinnaker St. Elgin 60123

Regina Neal
Phone: 773-310-6616
Address: 1585 Saint Andrews Circle Elgin 60123

Rhiannon Mojica
Phone: 773-729-7926
Address: 2876 Sarah Ct. Elgin 60124

Starcia Burns
Phone: 224-325-5889
Address: 1228 Asbury Ct. Elgin 60120

Terri’s Home Daycare 
Phone: 847-608-4776
Address: 1300 Borden Drive, Elgin, IL 60120

Castles and Crayons
Phone:  847-385-4573
Address:  336 Cornwall Avenue South Elgin, IL

Debra Pullaro
Address: 361 Hobart Dr. South Elgin

Claudia Velez
Phone: 630-501-6069
Address: 7638 Nothway Dr. 

Clea Kouvelis
Phone: 630-837-6536
Address:  2078 Leeward Lane

Donna Cuny
Phone: 630-830-3059
Address: 2361 Leeward Lane

Jean Walls
Phone: 630-372-2516
Address: 2177 Leeward Lane

Joyce Bullocks
Phone: 630-243-2125
Address: 1105 Court B.

Sharese Wilson
Phone: 630-823-8344
Address: 1490 Merrimac Lane N.

Sheena Rhodes
Address: 2055 Millpong Lane

Suela Sulo
Phone: 224-804-5705
Address: 7626 Northway Dr.

Best of Both World’s Family Childcare
Phone: 630-673-1608
Address: 1608 Alexander Avenue
(Full & Part Week Schedules)

Calli Jo Berago
Phone: 815-821-2244
Address: 511 Krause Avenue

Diane Brunzo
Phone: 630-289-7223
Address: 95 Whispering Drive

Edwina Watkins
Phone: 773-905-9393
Address: 443 Locksley Drive

Estela Oviedo
Phone: 630-205-2811
Address: 5 Blue Stem Ct.

Heather Rukhaberlen
Phone: 847-630-3918
Address: 8 Berkshire Ct.

Home Away from Home
Phone: 630-736-0800
Address: 1648 S. Green Meadows Blvd.

Jackie Kirkpatrick
Phone: 630-837-9342
Address: 718 Stowell Avenue

Malgorzati Maciorowski
Phone: 773-503-3935
Address: 309 Merry Oaks Rd. 

Rosa Rivera
Phone: 630-461-0524
Address: 9 Franklin Ct.

Sayeeda Khan
Phone: 630-736-9857
Address: 2 Timber Trail

Yadira Castro
Phone: 708-466-9385
Address: 86 King Drive

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