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About EPEL

Our Mission: Building a connected community dedicated to helping young children thrive. 

Our Vision: Our children are happy, healthy, and ready for Kindergarten.

Our Purpose

  • Ensure a shared vision for young children in the Elgin community is clearly held, broadly disseminated, and acted upon.

  • Support awareness and access for families to high-quality child development and early learning experiences. 

  • Coordinate efforts across all birth to five programs to increase impact and efficiency.

  • Support quality improvement and capacity building of birth to five professionals and organizations. 

  • Respond to Elgin community data about strengths, needs, and gaps. 


Our Message: We have adopted a straightforward message to share with parents and caregivers. 

  • Using these five simple practices (Talk, Play, Read, Do and Write) starting at birth will help children during the critical period of early brain development.