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Elgin Partnership for Early Learning Early Childhood Vision

EPEL is a nonprofit organization located in Elgin, Illinois. Using a collective impact model, EPEL examines and works to build connected local systems with partners to create ways to impact capacity, to provide resources, early childhood initiatives, information, and support for families and providers of children under five years of age. 
Since beginning discussions in 2011 around a table in a local coffee shop, our vision has been that all children would arrive at Kindergarten prepared, healthy, happy, and ready to learn. This vision takes a village of support in the three overlapping systems of early learning and development, family leadership and support, and health while keeping thriving children and families at the center of our work. This system model is why we work with families and caregivers, educators and staff, health professionals, and systems leaders. 
Through partner collaboration of over 70 organizations, our work in the community falls into four mobilization paths: Early Learning, Community Engagement Partnerships, Family Engagement, and Health & Development. EPEL and partners work to build aligned resources, services and identify gaps that families and data have identified to meet the needs of our youngest learners best. EPEL is committed to improving practices with a lens toward equity, advocacy, and data. 
EPEL is driven to ensure that all children have access to quality early care and education in Elgin and surrounding neighborhoods. In collaboration with our partners, we are committed to promoting policies and practices that intentionally meet the needs of children and families from diverse backgrounds and social identities.