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Three to Know

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November 2018
McKinney Vento Removes barriers and ensure equal access to school enrollment, attendance, 
and stability for all PreK-12th grade students.
December 2018
VNA Healthy Families Home Visiting  Helps first-time parents manage the demands of caring for a child during the first three years of life.

January 2019
Family Bridges committed to transforming communities by empowering families and individuals t, restore, and maintain healthy relationships.

February 2019
Summit School
 provides preschool experience in a caring educational atmosphere two, three or five days per week.
March 2019
Autism and Behavior Specialists, provides clinic, school, and in-home ABA and speech therapy services to families. 
April 2019
CASA Kane County 
Organization that prevents children from falling through the cracks of the heavily populated court and child welfare system.
May 2019
Family Focus 
Home visiting addresses critical years of social, emotional, and cognitive development with the parents in the home.
June 2019
Boys and Girls Club p
rovides a place for kids to feel safe, connect with others, and build the skills and confidence needed to reach their highest potential.
July 2019
Well Child
 improves the lives of children and families through education, counseling, and services in the areas of childhood nutrition and pediatric dental health.
August 2019
Northern Illinois Food Bank works in the community to
 solve hunger by providing nutritious meals to those in need through innovative programs and partnerships..
September 2019
University of Illinois Extension Services works with early childhood, K-12, youth and adult, and food pantries to assist in nutrition education and behavior change.