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Key Piece Partners

Elgin Partnership for Early Learning recognizes a partner each month that we consider a Key Piece to our organization. These individuals have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support early learning in the community. 


August 2017           Jennifer Bueche, Gail Borden Library

September 2017     Lynne Bosley, United Way of Elgin
                                Peggy Ondera, U-46 School District

October 2017         Theresa Heaton, Kane County Health Department

November 2017     Julie Kallenbach, Community Member
                                Kris Young, YWCA Elgin
                                Nisela Bermudez-Parent/COFI

January 2018         Tiffany Trewartha, U-46 Give Me FIVE

February 2018       Madeleine Villalobos, Gail Borden Library

March 2018           Dianna Manjarrez, Greater Elgin Family Care Center

April 2018              Karla Jimenez, U-46

May 2018               Fran Teti-Teal, Advocate Sherman Hospital

June 2018               Leticia Ornelas, YWCA Elgin
                                Sandra Rocha, YWCA Elgin

July 2018                Boys and Girls' Club Juniors

August 2018           Makia Edwards, Boys and Girls Club of Elgin

September 2018     Antonia Ramirez-Colunga, Gail Borden Library Volunteer
                                 Margarita Pantoja, Gail Borden Library Volunteer 

November 2018      Pat Chamberlain, Chamberlain Educational Consultants

December 2018      Karina Nava, City of Elgin

January 2019         Laura Espinoza, Gail Borden Library

April 2019              Deb Dempsey, McKinney Vento, Kane County Regional Office 

June 2019               Nancy Coleman and Angi Cholewa, Alignment Collaborative for Education

July 2019                Deb Huffman-Huffman Design-Graphic Artist