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Key Piece Partners

Elgin Partnership for Early Learning recognizes a partner or partners each month that we consider a Key Piece to our organization. These individuals are ones that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to support early learning in the community. 


August 2017- Jennifer Bueche, Gail Borden Library

September 2017-Lynne Bosely, United Way of Elgin
                           Peggy Ondera, U-46 School District

October 2017- Theresa Heaton, Kane County Health Department

November 2017- Julie Kallenbach, Community Member
                            Kris Young, YWCA Elgin
                            Nisela Bermudez-Parent/COFI

December 2017- No meeting

January 2018- Tiffany Trewartha, U-46 Give Me FIVE

February 2018- Madeleine Villalobos, Gail Borden Library

March 2018- Dianna Manjarrez, Greater Elgin Family Care Center

April 2018- Karla Jimenez, U-46

May 2018- Fran Teti-Teal, Advocate Sherman Hospital

June 2018-Leticia Ornelas, YWCA Elgin
                  Sandra Rocha, YWCA Elgin

July 2018- Boys and Girls' Club Juniors

August 2018- Makia Edwards, Boys and Girls Club of Elgin

September 2018- Antonia Ramirez-Colunga, Gail Borden Library Volunteer
                             Margarita Pantoja, Gail Borden Library Volunteer 

October 2018- ????

November 2018- ?????

December 2018- ?????