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EPEL Initiatives

The Elgin Partnership for Early Learning
engages the community in preparing young children
to succeed in school and life!
Together we take action through several initiatives.
EPEL increases entry and engagement through the following objectives:
Strengthen the birth to school pipeline through the implementation of a coordinated referral system
Utilize common messaging to show unified support for children and families
Increase parental awareness of programs and the importance of early childhood programs
The information phone line gives parents an easy way to find support and information about the services and resources they need for their children.
12,000 calendars are given to parents of our three and four-year-olds each year.  The calendar offers many developmental activities that parents can do daily to prepare their children for kindergarten.
 Available in English and in espanól.
In partnership with Easter Seals DuPage & Fox Valley, DayOnePACT, Kane County Health Department and School District U-46, EPEL offers free screenings for children 0-5 years of age to evaluate for developmental delays and refer to early intervention if needed. Early intervention partners with families to provide the best early start for children available. For a free online developmental or social-emotional screening click here.
Common Community Messaging:
Give Me Five messaging offers five easy prompts to remind parents to Talk, Play, Read, Do and Write in their everyday life preparing children for Kindergarten.
DID YOU KNOW? FLIPBOOKS Birth to 2 years of age:
EPEL task force created a dynamic series of parenting tip cards to support new parents in helping their child to learn, develop, and grow right from the start. 
Click here for flipbooks.
EPEL increases the quality of services delivered to families through the following activities:
Coordinate leadership training and professional development opportunities for all levels of professionals
Raise awareness for ExceleRate Illinois throughout the community and encourage participation and recognition
Implement a Director Support Network for center/preschool directors for ongoing support, training, and opportunities. 
EPEL Provides a Support Network for Childcare Directors and Family Care Providers: 
EPEL has engaged child care professionals to participate in network opportunities that focus on making childcare the highest quality possible.
EPEL increases utilization of child, family, and community data and takes action in response through the following activities:
Develop and implement a measurement structure to show community-wide movement on kindergarten readiness
Develop a structure to show the number of slots filled and available in Elgin childcare programs. Having this information about availability in child care centers will give EPEL the opportunity to help fill those slots and get more children enrolled in quality child care. 
Advocate at the state level to highlight local data barriers
EPEL increases collaboration and systems building work that addresses families of young children and the services targeted to them through the following activities:
Refine/maintain backbone structure and operation of EPEL
Grow the membership structure of EPEL and deepen commitments of individuals
Expand parent council without duplicating purpose of existing groups
Continue to provide collective impact training and support to the community