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History of Elgin Partnership for Early Learning

In 2011, community, health care, religious, and school district leaders met at a coffee shop to discuss what the design of an early childhood collaboration of public and private partnership would look like in Elgin to improve the journey of our youngest learners in becoming prepared for Kindergarten.

In 2012, the Elgin Partnership for Early Learning (EPEL) was formed as a collaborative community partnership to ensure the healthy growth and optimal development of young children in the context of their families through local systems development in Elgin. Community partners committed to taking action by giving up individual agendas and adopting an approach called Collective Impact, which leverages its partners' commitment to contribute and collaborate to improve local early childhood resources and sustainable outcomes. The collaborative work brings together early childhood care and education providers, community-based organizations, education, government, health care, social services, and a broad array of community stakeholders. The following ideas describe the foundational beliefs which provide a basis for the work of EPEL. 

Vision: Our children are happy, healthy, and prepared for Kindergarten. 
Mission: Elgin Partnership for Early Learning is building a connected community dedicated to helping all young children thrive.
A connected community plan provides a map for creating a coordinated, high-quality early childhood system that supports all of our community's youngest children and their families, working towards narrowing the achievement gap as they enter Kindergarten.


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